Creative Crossings seeks to help individuals reach across cultural, social, and religious differences and build relationships with acquaintances from other cultures. Through seminars, cultural “field trips,” and lots of tea, our goal is to educate members of the community in how to best engage with their international neighbors and build lasting friendships. In learning about other cultures, participants will learn better ways to communicate, share their faith, build authentic relationships, and respect other cultural traditions, whether hosting an international exchange student, chatting with coworkers, or inviting a new neighbor over for dinner.

Build Friendships

Connect at Work

Bridges of Understanding

International Kids

Reach out to the people in your own backyard—learn about building authentic relationships with neighbors from other cultures and develop lasting friendships.


Bring water-cooler chat to the next level—learn how to better understand your international coworkers and connect and communicate beyond cultural differences.


Learn how to respectfully share the love of Christ with people from different cultural and spiritual backgrounds.


A new exchange student in your home? Third-culture kids at your church? Learn more about how to welcome, connect with, and care for kids from other cultures in their new environment.